Startup funding in Germany

Overview on mechanisms and programs for startup funding in Germany

BridhouseLaw offers founders, startups and young companies comprehensive advice also on funding opportunities from government institutions, development banks and other institutions. We also provide an overview of attractive and interesting funding programs at the federal level as well as in the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg in our online funding database. The funding database is only intended to provide an initial overview of the available funding programs. As part of our consulting service, we will be happy to provide detailed information on the funding programs contained in the database and other funding programs for startups, establish contact with the funding sources and support the application and approval process.

Startup funding programs in Berlin

The city of Berlin is considered the top startup region in Germany. And rightly so! Nowhere else in Germany are there so many funding programs for startups in Berlin. The funding landscape for startups in the state of Berlin is characterized by a great diversity in terms of sponsors and programs. Starting with the startup funding programs of the state development banks, to programs of the economic development agencies, to special industry-specific funding initiatives, startups in the state of Berlin find an exciting and very diverse range of funding opportunities.

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On our website we provide comprehensive information on startup funding programs in Germany. However, there is more to consider. We supported numerous funders, startups and young enterprises in filing for funding programs and funding rounds with investors.

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