Market Entry in Germany

Establishing Business activities in Germany and other EU countries

BridgehouseLaw provides sophisticated legal advice and economically reasonable support on market entry in Germany for companies and entities from abroad who wish to enter the German market and run a successful business. We have successfully proven our expertise in numerous cases. For businesses from abroad who wish to expand to Europe, Germany is an excellent entry point. Its geographic location in the heart of Europe, an excellent business infrastructure and an efficient legal system that acknowledges foreign interests, are only some of the benefits that companies from abroad will find in Germany. BridgehouseLaw acts as a One-Stop-Agency. We cover all relevant legal issues with regard to market entry in Germany.   

We provide more then just legal advice

A successful market entry requires more than legal advice. Our market entry practice covers complementary aspects that go far beyond simple legal advice. Our market entry in germany services include in particular: 

Establishment of branches, companies and business structures in Germany

The market entry in Germany and the commencement of business activities in Germany often requires the establishment of branches or corporate structures in Germany. BridehouseLaw provides comprehensive advice on the framework conditions and the structuring options of German corporate law and takes over the establishment of branches and companies in Germany. From our experience, foreign companies prefer the German limited liability company (GmbH) for their market entry in Germany. As an analogous version, the German GmbH is very similar to foreign limited liability companies, and entrepreneurs and founders from abroad are often already familiar with many of the features and structuring options of this legal form.

In addition, we offer comprehensive advice and support in the establishment of other types of companies under German and European law, like partnerships, Stock corporations and SEs. We also advise on corporate structures such as holding structures, which are often chosen to reflect shareholding relationships or for tax reasons. 

Protection of IP, innovation and know-how

We identify risks for the outflow of information, know-how, trade secrets and intellectual property rights and advise on effective countermeasures. The following topics in particular are recurring: sensible contract design, effective confidentiality agreements with effective sanction mechanisms, protection of property rights and enforcement of defense claims. Here, too, the focus is not only on purely domestic issues but also on international matters.

Distribution of products and services

In addition to innovative products and services, a suitable sales strategy is also required for successful market entry. However, the framework conditions for distribution, for example the use of sales representatives, authorized dealers and distribution systems, vary widely throughout the world and are only partially harmonized even within the EU. Accordingly, when entering a new market, it is not only important that products and services are market-compliant, i.e. that they meet the locally applicable legal requirements, but also that the sales instruments used are designed in a legally compliant manner. BridgehouseLaw’s practice in distribution law ensures that distribution is legally compliant.

Service providers in Germany

We have a large network of selected and experienced partners. If required, we can put you in touch with competent and English-speaking service providers such as notaries, estate agents, accountants and tax consultants.

In our market entry practice, we assisted dozens of companies to successfully entering the German market.