Corporate Law

A corporate crisis can affect not only large corporations. Small and medium-sized companies can also come under increasing pressure, especially in bad economic times.

To prevent a company from getting into trouble in the first place, efficient risk management is essential. It is even more important when the first signs and effects of a company crisis are already present. These are often only recognized when it is already too late. This is where experienced and expert help is needed.

First of all, we offer you a first stocktaking of your company structures. If necessary, we then suggest optimization options and reorganization or restructuring concepts and accompany you in their implementation.

In order to permanently avert corporate crises, it is necessary to constantly reassess the risk factors and evaluate the measures already taken. Our law firm provides you with comprehensive legal, business management and tax advice in all phases in order to find solutions tailored to your company.

Should the crisis manifest itself in insolvency or over-indebtedness, further steps must be carefully taken. This sensitive issue in particular requires competent, expert and individual advice.

We examine which options for self-administration, the implementation of an insolvency plan procedure or debt settlement exist for you in each individual case and which solution is the right one for you. We assist you in the preparation of reorganization plans as well as out-of-court debt settlements and, if an insolvency application is necessary, we also accompany you through the entire insolvency proceedings.