Certificate, warning, remuneration

We are also happy to advise you in the field of labour law on the topics of references, warnings and remuneration.


After termination of an employment relationship, the employee is entitled to a reference about the work he or she has performed. There are special formulations and phrases to consider here that make statements about the quality of the work performed or the social behaviour of the employee in the company. Our lawyers will of course help you to enforce your right to a reference against your employer. On the other hand, we will be happy to help you as an employer to formulate a reference that is both legally and factually unobjectionable and point out the corresponding risks.

Warning letter

A warning is often required before a dismissal is announced. However, whether a warning is necessary in individual cases is often a complex labour law issue that is essential for the success of subsequent dismissal proceedings. Our lawyers will be happy to advise you on the necessity and content of an effective warning.

At the same time, we are also happy to advise you as an employee if you have received a warning letter. We will check the effectiveness of the warning and can take the necessary countermeasures if necessary. Our lawyers will discuss the details with you in an individual consultation.


Remuneration issues are a major area of labour law. We can provide you with comprehensive advice on topics such as general wage entitlements, overtime pay, minimum wage and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us.