Labour law

In the specialist area of labour law, we represent the interests of both employees and employers. We offer you professional advice in the field of labour law that covers the entire legal field.

Labour law is divided into two main areas, individual and collective labour law. Individual labour law concerns the relationship between employee and employer, while collective labour law regulates the relationship between employers and employee representative bodies. Collective labour law therefore does not concern individual employees, but their representative bodies – for example the works council, the staff council or the trade union. We advise you both in the area of individual and collective labour law.

Our expertise in individual employment law ranges from aspects of employment contract law to the drafting of employment contracts for managing directors and board members and their termination, dismissal protection proceedings and termination and settlement agreements, as well as advice on references, warnings and remuneration. We are happy to advise you on issues relating to ongoing employment relationships as well as in advance, for example when drafting contracts. It goes without saying that our work includes both extrajudicial and judicial work before the labour courts.

Our experts in the field of collective labour law are also at your disposal. Our focus in this area ranges from co-determination in companies and works agreements to social compensation plans and reconciliation of interests.

Labour law is a matter that affects almost every citizen in the course of their lives. Naturally, complex legal problems arise in relations between employees and employers. We are happy to advise you on all legal issues in the following areas of specialisation and, in individual cases, beyond. Individual and client-orientated solutions are particularly important to us. In a personal meeting, we will address individual issues and work together to find the best solution for you.