Tax law

Tax law is a complex and very extensive subject that affects almost every private individual and every company on a daily basis. We are happy to answer your questions in the area of tax law and take the necessary steps for you. Whether in matters of tax structuring or extrajudicial or judicial representation of interests – you will of course find the right contact person for your individual concerns.

If necessary, we will also be happy to put you in touch with competent tax advisors or work with them to develop an individually tailored strategy for asserting your interests. In this way, all legal and tax aspects can be taken into account in your favor.

Tax structuring

Targeted measures can reduce the tax burden for both companies and private individuals, in some cases considerably.

There are certain tax-optimized legal forms for companies that are an interesting option for founders when setting up a company. In particular, these are the company forms GmbH & Co. KG and the holding company.

In this context, our competent lawyers will be happy to answer your legal questions, for example in the areas of trade tax and VAT.

Of course, we also advise private individuals on possible tax optimization.

Inheritance tax / gift tax

We advise many clients in the field of inheritance law. Inheritance tax is a particularly important aspect in connection with inheritance law matters. It is advisable to deal with the available options as early as possible, especially in the case of large assets.

Inheritance tax/gift tax can be reduced and/or planned for to a considerable extent through targeted measures even before the inheritance occurs. This can be done through anticipated succession, gifts or, for example, by granting usufruct rights. The tax-free allowances must always be taken into account here.

Extrajudicial representation of interests and proceedings before the tax courts

The first step in defending against an unjustified tax claim is usually to appeal against the tax assessment. Our lawyers will of course help you with this and will lodge the necessary appeals with the tax authorities on your behalf.

If, as a result, legal action needs to be taken or if you are already involved in tax law court proceedings, our lawyers will represent your individual interests before the tax courts and thus provide you with competent assistance in enforcing your rights. Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a company – we will be happy to answer your legal questions in the area of tax la