Corporate Law in Germany

Corporate law in Germany encompasses the multitude of corporate forms and is therefore relevant for almost every entity sooner or later – be it when founding a company, as support for business operations, during subsequent (re)structuring or expansion, or corporate succession and liquidation. Right from the start, questions arise regarding the appropriate corporate form, the associated formalities, the necessary contracts to undertake transactions, and the mitigation and prevention oforganisational and liability issues. Our lawyers in the field of corporate law will provide you with competent support in all phases of your entrepreneurial activity with regard to the legal questions and difficulties that may arise.

Expertise based on in-depth legal knowledge of corporate law and business enables our lawyers to provide comprehensive advice tailored to your individual needs.

Our main areas of advice in corporate law are:

Corporate law offers numerous structuring options that you can utilise as an entrepreneur. The first decision to be made is whether to set up a partnership or a corporation. Partnerships are characterised by the fact that at least two partners join together to achieve a common purpose and are liable with their own assets. A corporate entity, on the other hand, is characterised by the participation of the partners orshareholders with a certain amount of capital and their limited liability.

However, the specific entity structure ultimately depends on the articles of association, which our lawyerscan customize to your business’s individual needs. . We will help you decide on the right legal form for your company and walk you through the special features, advantages and risks prior to formation. .

Our lawyers specialising in corporate law will provide you with comprehensive advice on all aspects of corporate law and work with you to develop individually tailored and practice-oriented solutions. Our team has extensive experience addressing complex structural issues that arise after formation and are associated with a number of difficulties and complex legal questions.  Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of corporate law, you are well advised by us.