Hardly any area of law changes as quickly as labor law. Employees, but also companies, therefore often find it difficult to keep track of the abundance of constantly new case law and newly passed laws. We do not leave you alone here and advise you on all legal questions concerning labor law.

We represent both the employee and the employer side. Our consulting services range from dismissals and warnings to company pension plans and minimum wage issues. But we are also happy to assist you with other issues.

In order to find a solution together that is tailored to your problem and goal-oriented, it is not only necessary to have comprehensive legal knowledge, but also the necessary tact and negotiating skills. We therefore consider not only the legal framework, but also all financial and strategic aspects.

An important note in advance: If you as an employee have received a notice of termination, it is imperative that you inform us immediately, since an action for protection against dismissal can only be filed 3 weeks after receipt of the notice!

Main areas of activity in employment law:

  • Dismissal and protection against dismissal
  • Warning
  • Employment contracts
  • Variable remuneration components and commission agreements
  • Bogus self-employment