Capital measures, in particular IPO

Certain capital measures must be taken in connection with the founding of a start-up. This includes in particular the IPO – Initial Public Offering. This is particularly relevant for the legal form of the stock corporation (AG) as well as the Societas Europaea (SE) or the partnership limited by shares (KGaA).

An IPO is the initial offer of shares for public purchase, i.e. the initial public offering of a company. As part of this, the company’s shares are listed on the stock exchange and made available to the market. The IPO opens up a wide range of financial opportunities for the company and the company’s capital requirements can be covered in this way. The start-up can gain independence as well as recognition and reputation on the market through the IPO. The IPO also provides investors with a high degree of flexibility and a high return.

You can of course find out about the opportunities and risks involved in going public and the legal requirements that need to be observed in a consultation with one of our lawyers.