Exit generally refers to the exit of an investor from a start-up. In this context, strategies are developed as to how investments in a start-up can be reversed at a later date.

There are various strategies that young entrepreneurs and investors should consider. A well thought-out exit strategy is crucial for the successful conclusion of the start-up life cycle.

One possible and particularly desirable exit strategy is to float the company on the stock market (IPO). In addition, a sale of the company or a takeover by another company (trade sale) can also be considered. It is also possible to sell a stake in the company to another investor (secondary purchase). In a buy-back, the founders’ stake is repurchased from the investors. The liquidation of a company is also conceivable, in the context of which a company that has been founded is dissolved.

Planning and implementing an exit can be complex and requires careful legal advice. It goes without saying that you will find the right contact persons for this with us.