BridgehouseLaw advises Berlin start-up Stadtwiese on successful early-stage financing

Stadtwiese, a Berlin-based start-up founded in 2021, successfully secured early-stage financing. In the negotiations with the investor as well as in the preparation and closing of the transaction, the company of founder and CEO Jessica Faulmann was advised by Christian Feierabend and team from the BrideghouseLaw office in Berlin.

Stadtwiese was founded in 2021 with the aim of developing and realizing innovative concepts for the sustainable development of land in connection with innovative tourism. Among other things, this involves the interim use of land that is temporarily lying fallow until it can be built on or rezoned. Due to unfinished planning for subsequent use, uncertainties in connection with traffic safety obligations and administrative hurdles, such areas often stand fenced off and unused for years. To the eye of the beholder, they are not a pretty sight.

On such areas, Stadtwiese plans, realizes and operates, among other things, tourist offers. The implementation takes place under consideration of the interests of the owner as well as the local community and is based on a differentiated sustainability concept, which minimizes surface sealing and interventions in the soil and enables the owner to quickly access the area for further utilization, e.g. through construction or renaturation, following the interim use. BridgehouseLaw advises founders, start-ups and young companies at its German offices in Berlin, Cologne and Bonn.

The main areas of advice are transactions, venture capital, international expansion, structures and corporate law structuring. In addition to the professional expertise and a distinctly pragmatic and economic consulting approach, clients benefit from the international orientation and the large partner network.


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